Our Story

In 2010 Mercy House International, Inc. was founded by Deborah J. Boulanger. She believes God has called her to help women, who have been affected by domestic abuse. Having experienced and overcome spousal abuse in the past; Deborah believes God has equipped her with the knowledge necessary to help women to begin the healing process and to move mother1-transparentforward into restoration.

Mercy House opened on Christmas Day of 2013, it has been a safe home for several women and their children. It is approximately 4,500 square feet and is located within the community at an undisclosed address. The home can occupy up to four women and six children. The goals of MH are to provide hope, healing, and restoration; by providing a safe environment, discipleship, and mentoring. This is a six to 18 month process. Success in the program is measured by ongoing and structured followup.

Referrals of women at risk are from many sources, including local churches, the court system, the Department of Human Services and law enforcement agencies, as well as from individuals. Both assistance from Mercy House and safe accommodations in Mercy House are open to women from any geographic area.

Mercy House International and 1st Hand Seconds is governed by an eight member board, which develops policies and implements programs for the ministry.